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About jobs without education

Regardless of whether you have a school leaving certificate, vocational education or are simply changing career, by working together, we will find the right job offer for you and support you in the application process.

Which jobs do not require any education?

We are always looking for reliable employees, and it is not always necessary to have completed a vocational education course. Together with our clients, we have enjoyed many positive experiences with untrained staff and can offer jobs without education in a wide range of sectors. In the areas of production and logistics in particular, we have large capacities to hire and train unskilled helpers in these sectors and to provide them with comprehensive training in their field.

How much can I earn?

Payment is in accordance with the GVP collective agreement. The hourly wages stipulated there vary depending on the sector, but are always above the minimum wage set out in law. Thanks to allowances and special payments such as Christmas and holiday bonuses, which are also covered by the collective agreement, the salary is significantly higher compared to companies that are not bound by collective agreements.

Where can I work without any education?

ooffice people has over 100 locations nationwide. Use our Location overview to find a branch local to you and apply today.

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