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No matter whether you are a newcomer to the job market, a student, a returning employee or an experienced specialist and manager, our job exchange will allow you to find the right job from a wide range of industries and qualification levels. We would also be happy to help you personally with your search. After all, as one of the leading personnel service providers in Germany, we not only have a large number of vacancies, but our personnel consultants are also always nearby.

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Jobs without education

Together, we will find the right job for you

Warehousing and logistics

Warehouse employees, warehouse helpers, etc.


Office clerks, secretaries & assistants, etc.


Welders, locksmiths, electricians, etc.


Production assistants, production employees, etc.


Car mechanics, car mechatronics technicians, etc.


Assistants, packers, cashiers, inventory helpers etc.

Customer Care

Call centre team leader, service centre agents, etc.


Online trade, e-commerce pickers, packers, etc.


Aviation, airports, ramp agents, ground handler, etc.

Engineering and IT

Validation Engineer, Area Sales Manager

Software development

Database Administrator, Cloud Security Analyst


Cook, dishwasher, kitchen assistant

Internal positions

Personnel consultants, on-site managers, recruiters, etc.

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